Rigorous ‘Due-Diligence’ checks drive Dominica , St Kitts and Nevis to top of CBI Index


The investors often seek new channels for investing their resources such that the investment brings fair returns and other merits along with it. Keeping this in mind, the governments of various countries have initiated programmes that provide the benefit of the country’s citizenship upon investment in their respective countries. The countries are benefitted with an inflow of resources. Meanwhile, the high rates of returns, diversification of their portfolio and being entitled the citizenship of the country is what is really attracts the investors these days.

Multiple nations across the globe have been providing ‘Citizenship by Investment’(CBI)Programme benefits to their investors. But the ones that the Caribbean countries like Dominica , St Kitts and Nevis and Saint Lucia provide are unmatched. Thus, these countries are emerging as the most preferred countries of investors looking to invest in . The CBI Programme of these Caribbean nations provides investors with an opportunity to invest and grow their wealth; extending citizenship to family ; higher standards of living, and enjoying peaceful life in modern and diverse countries. These benefits have driven these Caribbean nations to the top of CBI Index.


What is CBI Index?

The CBI Index is a comprehensive ranking system that evaluates the operational citizenship by investment (CBI) Programmes globally. A programme is examined and evaluated thoroughly on various grounds and then ranked according to its efficiency. While ranking, nine aspects of the programme are looked after namely :

1- Freedom of movement

2- Standard of living

3- Minimum Investment Outlay

4- Mandatory Travel or Residence


5- Citizenship Timeline

6- Ease of processing

7- Due Diligence

8- Family

9- Certainty of Product

The CBI Index is released by the PWM Magazine yearly, in the month of August. Interestingly , Dominica has been securing the top rank from past five consecutive years. And not so surprising, even this year’s Index is being speculated to be topped by none other than Dominica . The country has emerged as most proactive country working towards development and welfare of the natives and providing bundles of opportunities for investors looking for new projects or expansion of existing ones.

The CBI report last year declared Dominica as the table topper along with St Kitts and Nevis sharing the position. Actually , it was very first time for St Kitts and Nevis to reach the top spot in the index . The Due-Diligence process , followed by both these countries is the one of the major reasons for these countries topping the index. ‘Due-Diligence’ checks include the background checks conducted by CBI unit and international independent third-party firm to ensure that only the credible and trustworthy investors are entitled citizenship benefits .

The Dominica and St Kitts and Nevis have been providing the alternate citizenship from the last 20 years . These Caribbean nations have since then been the most preferred destinations of investors seeking growth and families looking for peaceful life. The countries have been modernising and developing according to the advancing times.


The Caribbean nation ,Dominica provides world’s longest-running , safest and the most secured alterantive citizenship from the last 20 years i.e since 1993 . The investors are entitled to prestigious citizenship in exchange for considerable financial contribution towards the infrastructural betterment and upliftment of the country . This programme has been keeping up the country’s economy to face tough competition from international markets .

The investors can invest in the country through two investment channels. These are :

1-     Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) : 

The EDF involves the investors to invest in socio-economic development of the country . This has significantly helped country to develop its infrastructure like construction of roads , bridges , houses , schools , hospitals and lot more. The investment outlay under EDF starts from 100,000 USD.


2-     Real Estate Investment : Investing through Real Estate Investment involves the prospective investor to invest in government-approved real estate properties. The investment begins from 200,000 USD.


Why Dominica can secure the top position in CBI Index:


Dominica has been securing the top position in Index from the last five years. And the speculations around Dominica securing the top rank for sixth time are peaking. This can be attributed to various factors such as :

1- Low cost 

making it easier for investors and families to receive citizenship

2- Biometric Passports tightening the security

3- Highly potent market for investment in hotels

4- Wisely channelled CBI funds in sustainable development projects

5- Due-Diligence checks

St Kitts and Nevis :

St Kitts and Nevis Federation established world’s first Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme in 1984. Ever since, it has been the most reputed CBI Programme. This programme offers citizenship to reputable individuals along with their families following due-diligence checks . The CBI Programme is dedicated to delivering value and opportunities to investors for their growth meanwhile contributing to socio-economic prosperity of Federation.

Applying for alternative citizenship in St Kitts and Nevis involves investing through Sustainable Growth Fund( SGF) or Fund Option . The SGF is the most convenient and direct route to apply for alternative citizenship. The funds so generated are used for development of infrastructure , tourism , social assistance and local entrepreneurship. The minimum investment starts from 1,50,000 USD.




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