Reports: New covid wave to peak in two or three weeks in Bulgaria


Chief State Health Inspector of Bulgaria, Angel Kunchev, told in an interview on June 27 that Bulgaria is already in a new wave of COVID-19.

“We are moving three to four weeks after what is happening in Western Europe,” Kunchev said.


“We will probably face this increased wave in the next two to three weeks. It’s not that scary and dramatic, but it’s a fact,” he said.

“There will be more cases, but most of those affected will not need a hospital,” Kunchev said.

Further, he said that the strain is still Omicron, although it already has several varieties.

“We are afraid of a new strain in the autumn, which will bypass immunity,” Kunchev said.

Unified Information Portal has updated that 1974 tests have been done in the past day out of that 240 were proved positive.

According to the reports, in the past week, Bulgaria’s national COVID-19 morbidity rate has climbed from 32.83 percent to 46.12 percent as of June 27.


However, a 14-day morbidity rate is 92.17 per 100 000 population in Bulgaria’s capital city Sofia, bringing it closer to crossing the 100 per 100 000 population threshold to be reclassified from a green to a yellow zone.

As per the media reports, Bulgaria has scrapped COVID-19 entry requirements as of May 1. Domestically, no anti-covid measures are ruling in place, although the Health Ministry has ordered to wear protective masks on public transport and disclosed venues,

Bulgaria scrapped all Covid-19-related entry requirements as of May 1. Domestically, no anti-epidemic measures are in place, though the Health Ministry has called on the public to wear protective masks on public transport and in crowded places, though scarcely anyone heeds this call.

According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the country has the lowest vaccination rate against Covid-19 in the EU-EEA area.

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