Reports: Greece, Spain the most visited countries during pandemic 


The European Tourism Council (ETC) has revealed that Greece and Spain have been declared the most visited countries in Europe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in two years.          

As per the reports, both countries are also the most acclaimed, with overall scoring points reaching 4.0 out of five.  


Furthermore, most tourists have visited Germany throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the travellers were from Britain, France, and America.

However, the travellers faced several difficulties during this time regarding their trips, with many of those having to be cancelled due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A British traveller said: “When the first lockdown started in September 2020, I bought tickets to travel to Spain, in Málaga, to meet a friend. My flight got cancelled, so I tried to change the tickets to early June in the same year, but they got cancelled again. So, I booked tickets to Greece in July, which also got cancelled again. At last, I managed to change the tickets to end at the end of July; that finally worked out, and I managed to get there.” 

Other countries to follow on the list were Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland, but each scored 2.0 points out of a total of five.

Dutch visitors visited Austria and Belgium equally, while Australians visited Austria, Germany and Poland. Belgium was also visited by Frenchmen, just like the Netherlands. 

The latter also hosted many Italian visitors, the same as France and Germany did. In addition, Poland was visited by Britons while Americans remained loyal to France.


Dutch, German and French tourists would like the number of visitors to sights to remain limited. In addition, Germans said they would like COVID-19 measures to remain in place when necessary. 

At the same time, Dutch visitors were fond of the requirement of reservations before arrival at attractions. They would like to remain a product and service in the tourism industry.

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