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United Kingdom-based writer and mind coach Vex King is well known for his positive, inspirational and wisdom-based writing.

Recently Indian origin writer shared a beautiful piece of writing on his official Facebook page. He wrote:-


I had a conversation with a friend who was thinking of purchasing a Tesla, but they had their reservations about electric cars. A few days later, I asked them if they’ve had any more thoughts about the vehicle, and their response was: “I’ve been seeing Teslas everywhere! It must be a sign from the Universe to buy one.”⁣⁣

A lot of you have had similar experiences. And while I believe in deeply meaningful synchronicities, I also know we have a grouping of neurons in our brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) that’s hard-wired to focus on what’s important and filter out what’s unnecessary. It essentially focuses on what your brain finds relevant or highlights what you already believe (along with other functions).⁣⁣


We’re inundated with millions of bits of information every second from all of our senses. If we were paying attention to every piece of this information, it would feel like we’re going to explode. Therefore, the RAS must filter out irrelevant information and only permit data into your consciousness that will keep you safe and interest you.⁣⁣


I tend to find synchronicities a little more random, meaningful and unexplainable – but deeply resonating with my intuition. Some consider them nothing more than the RAS in action – often working very effectively. Nevertheless, I believe both ideas confirm alignment regardless of what’s actually taking place. Take the RAS, for example. We can train it to know what’s important to us by using visualization techniques, affirmations and vision boards to keep our goals at the forefront of our conscious minds. We can prime our brains to seize the opportunities that will lead to the desired outcome.⁣⁣

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