Read Here: Vex King’s New year resolutions for 2023


United Kingdom-based writer and mind coach Vex King is well known for his positive, inspirational and wisdom-based writing.

Recently Indian origin writer shared a beautiful piece of writing about resolutions for 2023 on his official Facebook page. He wrote:-


With 2023 fast approaching, you probably have plans to make major shifts in your life. But have you cleared the way for the new and improved you to take root?⁣

When we think of manifesting, it’s all about being in the receptive mode. But there needs to be space for us to receive what’s meant for us. It is impossible to instil new, effective habits and behaviours while clinging to old, counter-productive ones.⁣

Desiring anything new requires some degree of letting go. While certain experiences and trauma take time to process and move through, a lot of emotional imprinting that shapes our lives is completely optional. And fortunately, we now know that we can release patterns and create the life we want despite the life we had. Taking back your power looks like responding to the world instead of reacting to it.⁣

Emotional hoarding, as I like to call it in my upcoming book, isn’t the only thing that gets in the way of our forward momentum in life; actual things and our attachment to them become energetic magnets to who we were when we collected, purchased, or inherited them.⁣

My new book, Closer to Love, offers significant clarity and guidance regarding letting go of the cycles that bind us and prevent us from experiencing love and fulfilment. ⁣

There are many reasons why we may hold on to things, people, habits, emotions and thoughts that do not serve us. These include being unaware of our baggage, feeling that these things have become a part of our identity, and finding it difficult to let go due to the fear of change. After all, we often create safety by holding on. To let go, it is important to become self-aware, practice self-trust, and make difficult but necessary decisions.⁣

Letting go can be challenging but can lead to greater authenticity, sincerity, and fulfilment. It’s time to set yourself free so that you can flourish.⁣

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