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Indian-origin and United Kingdom-based writer and mind coach Vex King recently shared his piece of writing.

Vex King is known for his books about self-love, awareness and positivity.


While sharing a Facebook post on his official social media handle, he wrote:-

What determines what you deserve from your partner? Who says what’s acceptable or tolerable in the dynamics of your relationship? And who defines how much love is enough and how much is inadequate? Well, you, of course.⁣

The ability to curate and sustain fulfilling connections is within all of us. And yet, many will experience dysregulated and unsatisfying relationships at some point. That’s because, sometimes, when we love from a broken heart, we create a broken love.

But when two people have gathered their own pieces and cultivated self-love, they can offer what the other deserves and receive it in return. We cannot expect from someone what we cannot give back to them.

Indian-origin and United Kingdom-based writer and mind coach Vex King recently shared his piece of writing.
Photo Courtesy: Vex King Facebook

My upcoming book, Closer to Love, uncovers the reasons we settle, tracing it all the way back to the moment you first tolerated poor treatment and lost the power to declare your right to strong, passionate, authentic, unconditional love.⁣

The chapters guide you to the present moment, where the sources of your healing are, and help you recover your discernment, clarity, and confidence in creating the relationships you deserve with deserving people.⁣


Perhaps among the top reasons I wrote this book is because it was painful to see and know of incredible humans breaking their own hearts by putting up with relationships that didn’t serve their growth, expand their spirit, or even meet the bare minimum of their needs, such as mutual respect.⁣

Whether past experiences have dismantled you, never witnessed a healthy relationship, don’t know where to begin when seeking the safest person for your heart, or want to explore the depths of closeness and connection with someone, Closer to Love was written for you.⁣

And since it is up to you what you deserve, allow me to remind you that it is nothing but the kindest, the softest, and the sweetest of loves the world has to offer.

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