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Christopher Dawson, popularly known as Santa Claus on Facebook, shared his strong opinions through his letter as Santa on behalf of Cardiff’s people.

Good morning my friends


This weekend, and next, much of Wales will be celebrating the arrival of Christmas. Swansea will have its impressive annual parade where children of all ages will line the streets and wave to Santa Claus.

As Santa Claus, I was at Merthyr Town Centre last night in front of 1,000+ people eager to see Santa Claus and welcome the switch on the lights.

Abergavenny, Newport, Merthyr, Treorchy, Cowbridge, Barry, and so many others welcome Christmas and embrace the reason for the season. Still, there is a Grinch or Scrooge here in Cardiff.

No celebration of the lights being turned on and no parade for what is reported, the last time I checked, to be ‘The Capital City of Wales.

Cardiff Council will say, ‘but we have Winter Wonderland and Bute Park and a Grotto in Queen St. But these are all at a high cost. For two years, children have been forgotten, and families cannot afford to see Santa this Christmas.

They cannot pay the high charges. If you take a child to Winter Wonderland, can you tell them you cannot afford for them to have a ride like other children?


I have a wonderful friend in Marcel who stages the Reindeer Run in Whitchurch and has supported many charities such as Cancer Research, Ty Hafan and others. Hundreds of runners in Santa and Reindeer costumes ran through Whitchurch to raise money for charity.

This year the event is cancelled in Cardiff because Cardiff Council has put up the price of road closures.

Yet Mr Drakeford and his team of Scrooge-like councillors don’t care. This is not a political statement, just one that does not value our children or the people of Cardiff at the time of Christmas.

As Santa Claus is working with so many charities at Christmas and this year helping our elderly, infirm, families and homeless – I cannot forgive Cardiff Council for selling people short this Christmas.

Last night Santa Claus shared the smiles and excitement of thousands in Merthyr. Here in Cardiff, Santa has seen the devastation of how many shops closed in the arcades that have been with us since the Victorian Times. Charles Dickens would have been more eloquent in how he described Cardiff.

But there is a likeness between the character Scrooge counting his money and Mr Drakeford doing the same. He is turning Cardiff into the Capital of Wales to generate Capital rather than how the Marquis of Bute would have liked Bute Park to be used…by the people and for the people (I know that sounds very Americanised).

But you see, we all own Bute Park; it was left to us all. Not as a money-spinner for Cardiff Council. Let the people see the lights for free. Let Santa be there for all to see.

I am Cardiff and Wales’ Santa Claus. This Christmas, I have been offered to go to Radio City, New York, Orlando, Florida, Polar Express lines at Colorado and Georgia, LA, Las Vegas, Texas, Dubai, Hong Kong, China, Thailand and Japan. But I choose Cardiff and Wales to stay and support charities and our people.

Weather permitting, at 5 pm Thursday 1st December, Santa Claus will be visiting Cardiff Centre to support our shop vendors with all the market stalls and maybe a walk over to Winter Wonderland and watch the skaters on the ice rink. More than anything, I wish to spread Christmas Cheer for those who cannot afford a visit to Santa Claus this Christmas…maybe have an Elfie (a Santa Selfie). There should be no charge for seeing Santa Claus.

I thank you kindly for reading this message. In our woke society, the BBC may choose to do nothing with this. But Santa is here for you. I have always been here for you since you were a child and right through your life.

I was once on the Jason Mohammed Radio Show at BBC Radio Wales show, explaining why children were being short-changed by the level of Santas with poorly fitting suits and false beards…children know the difference. You see the difference.

This year should have been a year for celebration after the pandemic, but Cardiff has failed. No parade, no lighting celebration, and we wonder why the shops are much emptier than they once were.

However, if I can help – I will. It may be too late for this Christmas. But Santa will do all he can…as he always does.

Thank you for your time, and I wish you the merriest Christmas ever…

Your Santa

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