Putin, Biden, Macron conduct a call to ease Ukraine crisis


Amid the unrest between Russia and Ukraine, a telephonic conversation has been held between President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the United States President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday, February 12, 2022. The much-awaited talks between Russian President Putin and the United States President Biden amid the massive turmoil between Ukraine and Russia and the warning issued by the United States.

The talks have been held between the counterparts on the requests of Paris and Washington, and their core topic was the situation and surge in tension across Ukraine.


As per the reports, the head of Russia has also discussed various concerns over the matter of their demands. Russian leaders asserted that the West hadn’t made enough efforts to force or convince Ukraine to perform the Minsk Agreements and accept all its requirements. He further mentioned that Russia would shortly respond to the security guarantees offered by the United States and NATO.

After the conversation, Paris has stressed that they do not feel that Moscow is preparing anything disruptive against Ukraine.

On the other hand, Washington stated that they have no clarity about the cation of Russia. They are clear about whether the country would chive their goal with the diplomatic talks or by using the armed forces against Ukraine.

Ukraine is facing massive disruption due to the military build-up of Russia across its borders. On that note, the United States was the first country to criticize Russia and warned the nation that decisive actions would b taken place against Russia if they tried to invade Ukraine and take any offensive action against Ukraine.

Moreover, various countries such as European countries, the United States, Isreal have asked their citizens to leave conflict-ridden Ukraine as it could be a considerable threat to their lives.

The European countries, western countries have also warned Russia that unprecedented sanctions would be imposed against it if it tried to take any action against Ukraine and pose any threat to its sovereignty.


Russia has deployed 3,000 troops across the borders of Ukraine and also put forth various demands in front of the West and NATO. It demands the non-expansion of NATO and security guarantees across the borders of Europe.



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