Princess of Wales shares her experience of hiding William’s proposal from her mother


The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, reportedly told her mother about Prince William’s proposal in an ‘awkward’ way.

Most people across the globe share the big news immediately with their family to celebrate exciting news with their family and friends. Still, the scenario was different in the case of Princess of Wales Catherine case, popularly known as Kate.


Now Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Kate, were spending their vacations with their friends in Kenya when Prince Williams started a coversation by popping out a question about his late mother, Princess Diana’s engagement ring.

In one of the famous interviews, when journalist Tom Bradby asked the Princess of Wales Kate about her mother’s reaction during their engagement in 2010, Kate, in her statement, replied that “I think as any mother would be, she was definitely over the moon.

In addition, Princess of Wales Kate said, “We had quite an uncomfortable condition as I understood, and I knew, that William had asked my father about us getting together, but I didn’t know if my mother understood, so I arrived back from Scotland, and my mother didn’t make it obvious to me whether she knew or not.”

So both of us were looking at each other and feeling quite awkward about it,” she laughed while adding up the statement.

In the same interview, Prince of Wales William revealed the real reason he didn’t propose marriage sooner: “We’ve talked about this experience for a while, so Kate wasn’t in the dark over it all. We’ve been scheduling it for a year, if not longer; it was just finding the right time. As most couples say, it’s all about timing.”

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