Northern Ireland: Petrol and diesel prices heading towards £2 a litre


The Director of Infrastructure and Sustainability, Peter McClenaghan, revealed that fuel prices are likely to continue to increase. He advised that the local government should look at measures to subsidise costs after the next election.

Petrol and Diesel prices all over Northern Ireland are continuing to increase.


Over the past few months, people are witnessing an incline in energy prices across the region due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“With the war in Ukraine seems like it could continue, and with the indication now from the US that they want to be cutting more links with Russian Fuel supplies, things could get worse for the consumers here.”

Some people have shared the diesel and petrol prices they saw at their local garages over the weekend.

  • Co Antrim: Diesel at 148.9p, petrol at 146.9p
  • Co Down: Diesel at 178.9p
  • Co Tyrone: Diesel at 181.9p, petrol at 179.9p
  • Co Fermanagh: Diesel at 179p
  • Co Tyrone: Diesel at 168p, petrol at 161p
  • Ards: Diesel at 157.9p
  • Co Down: Diesel at 158.9p, petrol at 154.9p
  • Co Down: Diesel at 171p
  • Co Armagh: Diesel at 166p, petrol at 162p
  • Co Down: Petrol at 151.9p
  • East Belfast: Diesel at 168.9p, petrol at 158.9p
  • Co Antrim: Diesel at 169p
  • Ballymena: Diesel at 180p
  • Co Down: Diesel at 169p
  • Co Fermanagh: Diesel at 179p
  • Ballymena: Petrol at 147p
  • Co Down: Diesel at 168.9p
  • Co Derry: Diesel at 178.9p, petrol at 165.9p

The Head of Transport Policy at the Consumer Council, Richard Williams, told the sources that drivers could take some steps to save a few pounds.

He stated: “The suggestion we would give is to shop around as there are some savings to be made even though they are not huge.

“One thing we are advising is to reduce your journeys if you’re able to, but obviously many people cannot. We’re encouraging people to use public transport as much as they can if possible. The Infrastructure Minister has also controlled fares on public transport.


“As per the evidence we have going back over a number of years is it’s more affordable to commute by bus than it is by personal vehicle if you factor in all the running costs of the car. Our evidence is based on statistics we have gathered about travelling from parts of Northern Ireland into Belfast, which includes the cost of parking in Belfast.

“It is also important to maintain your vehicle as making sure your tyres are properly inflated and making sure your car isn’t cluttered up with waste can make it more efficient.”

Tips on saving fuel:

  • Keep your tyres inflated and reduce the drag
  • Declutter your car – Less weight means less consumption of fuel
  • Do not fill your car up as the fuel is heavy
  • Brake and accelerate less as it leads to consumption of more fuel
  • Avoid stopping and starting where possible – roll up slowly


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