President Macron visit Barbazan-Debat, shares plans of newly elected gov


The French head of state of 2022, President Emmanuel Macron, was Re-elected on Sunday, April 24; he is now taking his time and seeking to listen and understand and perhaps to make himself loved and heard.

French President Macron went to Barbazan-Debat (in the Hautes-Pyrénées department in southwestern France) on Friday, April 29, and the president seemed to try to stretch out time by shaking hands, listening to grievances and receiving congratulations. 


President Macron shared the glimpse of his visit on his official Facebook handle where he wrote, “I know the expectations of the inhabitants of the small municipalities; I heard them today at Barbazan-Debat near Tarbes. Thank you residents for welcoming us!

He also mentioned the issues of fuel prices and problems of Farmers on his Facebook post that, “hit hard by rising fuel prices and rising raw material prices for our farmers and craftsmen, I assured them of my full commitment to French purchasing power. With the tariff shield, with the pumping, with the Resilience Plan for our economy, the state will stand with the French.”

“These emergency measures are also added to the actions we have taken and will continue to take for the countryside.”

French President also shared his new strategies and plans of the newly elected government, and mention, “reopening of small railway lines, deployment of new doctors, return of public services, digital deployment, transplantation of micro foils, and many other concrete projects.”


 For five years, our rural agenda has changed the lives of our territories. Full of energy, they are our most beautiful wealth, our identity, our pride. They are spaces of the future!

To all those who make our Ruralities live and shine: thank you. We will continue, strong, together.

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