President Biden’s July 4th party recognizes the lives lost to COVID while celebrating the end of the pandemic


When Americans gathered around the country to celebrate Independence Day, President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden hosted their own parties on the South Lawn of the White House. “Today we celebrate America. Our freedom, our freedom, our independence. July 4th is a sacred day in our country. A day of history, hope, memory, and determination, commitment and possibility,” Biden said in the speech before the fireworks performance. 

The president adopted an optimistic tone, promising that the United States is closer than ever to declare our independence from the deadly virus, “and warned” that COVID-19 has not yet been defeated. “He also highlighted several signs of a return to normal, including the reopening of schools, faster economic recovery than expected, and the resumption of many face-to-face activities. He has a note with the exact number of Americans who have died of COVID-19. “As of tonight, the number is 603,018 deaths,” he said, emphasizing that every person who lost their life was a member of a family and community. “We still remember all those who… The cruel twists and turns of fate. They also left their loved ones behind, unable to breathe and mourned their loved ones,” he continued. The celebrations included barbecues for military families and basic workers, and Biden thanked them for continuing to serve the country during the pandemic. This is to serve as your chief. The commander is the greatest honor,” the president said to the assembled soldiers. “Thank you for your service and sacrifices.” Biden also praised the personal role of Americans in the fight against the coronavirus, which he called “one of the most remarkable achievements in American history,” and then urged people to get vaccinated and see it as Patriotic behavior.


“The best defense against these variants is vaccination. My fellow citizens, this is the most patriotic thing you can do. So, if you haven’t been vaccinated yet, please do it now. For you, for what you love. People, for your community,” he urged. In March of this year, Biden urged Americans to get vaccinated to “make this Independence Day very special.” After setting the benchmark that the country should achieve, he urged Americans to view July 4 as the date that “starts to mark our independence from this virus.” 

70% of adults are vaccinated, and many public health officials say this threshold is sufficient to achieve herd immunity. Since Biden’s announcement, the government has promoted vaccines through the media at lightning speed and worked with states and localities to increase access and build public trust. The country is slightly below Biden’s goal, with 67% of adults at least receiving the first dose before the holidays. 

The vaccination rate is not even nationwide. Twenty states and the District of Columbia surpassed Biden’s benchmark, and 30 states fell behind. Biden also mentioned the importance of democracy, a theme that frequently appeared during his presidency. “Every day we are reminded that our democracy has no guarantees,” the president warned. Biden later warned that the “voting and counting rights” were sacred, referring to the government’s efforts to strengthen voting rights across the country.

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