Portugal offered job opportunities to Ukrainian migrants


Portugal has offered job opportunities to the Ukrainian refugees; approximately around 1,400 Ukrainian refugees in Portugal have been given work contracts, and 29,000 more jobs await refugees across the country, Labour Minister Ana Mendes Godinho announced on Wednesday.

Mendes Godinho announced, “We have 1,400 work contract contracts signed with these Ukrainian citizens,” during a hearing before the parliamentary budget and finance committee on the budget for 2022 in the areas she oversees. “29,000 job offers spread across the country for Ukrainian citizens” who fled the country after Russia invaded on 24 February, she added.


During a hearing in parliament, the minister also stressed the importance of all foreign citizens in the national labour market who contribute to the stability of social security. “

At the moment, 10% of the people who are contributing to social security are foreigners, and they are part of this collective effort” with their social security contributions, she added.

The labour minister also announced that the Portuguese Authority for Working Conditions carried out 41 monitoring visits to Ukrainian refugees working in Portugal and a hundred individual contacts with these workers.

“The ACT made 41 visits dedicated to monitoring situations of Ukrainian workers,” announced Mendes Godinho. “From the moment zero, we mobilised ACT to monitor situations and prevent situations of exploitation of the situation of any fragility,” she said.

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