Poland builds border wall with Belarus to restrain migrants crossing


Poland has concluded the construction of a wall between Poland and Belarus, The length of the wall is 186-kilometer, and the border wall is created to deter migrants entering from Belarus.

On Thursday, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawieck visited the border area with top security officials to mark the conclusion of a new 5.5-meter-high steel wall.


According to the media reports, Poland is likely to scrap the state of emergency on Friday, which has prohibited journalists and rights workers and volunteers from entering the border area.

PM Morawiecki asserted that the new border wall was part of the country’s fight against Russia.

“The first sign of the war in Ukraine was [Belarus President] Alexander Lukashenko’s attack on the Polish border,” he told a news conference.

Warsaw officials accept the Lukashenko regime involved travellers as a device to start strains starting around 2021, which saw several thousand generally from Iraqi Kurdistan seeking to enter Poland, Lithuania and Latvia from Belarus.

No less than 20 individuals are known to have died in Belarus and Poland in freezing conditions somewhat recently.

Human rights groups have blamed Poland for a twofold norm by inviting millions of Ukrainians to escape Russia’s invasion while hindering generally Asian refugees from entering Belarus.


“On the off chance that you give a lift to an outcast at the Ukrainian boundary, you are a legend. If you do it at the Belarus borderline, you are a smuggler and could wind up in prison for a long time,” said Natalia Gebert, pioneer and CEO of Dom Otwarty, a Polish NGO that helps refugees.

This month, a Human Rights Watch report said Poland “unlawfully, and at times brutally, immediately pushes migrants and shelter searchers back to Belarus, where they face serious maltreatments, including beatings and assault by border guards and other security powers.”

Belarus became another relocation course to Europe after Lukashenko urged refuge searchers to Minsk to work with their entrance to the European Union.


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