PM Roosevelt Skerrit meets secondary schools’ principals to review Dominica’s education system


The Prime Minister of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, met with principals of secondary schools to discuss a proposed review of Dominica’s education system to enhance student learning, experience and outcomes. The meeting was held on Monday, May 8, 2023.

The Minister of Education, Octavia Alfred, and the Parliamentary Secretary, Fenella Wenham-Sheppard, joined PM Skerrit in the meeting. The meeting also focused on enhancing teaching and learning in the schools islandwide.


The meeting followed the recently held Crime and Violence Symposium in the island of Trinidad and Tobago, where PM Roosevelt Skerrit stressed the requirement for reformation of the Caribbean region’s education systems in order to promote a deeper focus on the wellbeing and holistic development of the nation’s children.

PM Skerrit said that he is looking forward to further engagement on the matter of education as they develop new, relevant structures and approaches to “Educate & Prepare all Students to Live Productive Lives in a Complex as well as Changing Society,” as outlined in the Mission of the Ministry of Education.

The Prime Minister of Dominica is always focused on developing the country’s education sector so that the youth can get a better life and build a better future for themselves and the country as a whole.

The meeting focused on enhanced learning which will include several activities to boost the youth’s mind in education activities. Also, the citizens and residents of Dominica appreciated the prime minister for looking over the country’s education system and attempting to uplift it.

People also took to social media to laud the PM, and one of the users named, Justina Charles, said, “Great move, PM. As always, good leadership is very important”. In contrast, another user named Solomon Pascal said, “Great, there is a need for the focus on vocational as well as Technical Education also Civic responsibility.”


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