PM Modi: India had entered the ‘Amrit Kaal’ of the next 25 years


During a speech at the 17th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, PM Modi said India had entered the ‘Amrit Kaal’ of the next 25 years and that Indian citizens living abroad have an important role in this journey, as they can strengthen India’s global vision and position. He also mentioned that Indian culture treats the world as one country and all people as brothers and sisters, contributing to its cultural expansion. Indian citizens abroad are seen as ambassadors of India’s heritage.

India is currently the president of the G-20, which is an opportunity for the country to showcase itself to the world. The G-20 comprises 19 countries and the European Union, which account for two-thirds of the world’s population and around 80% of the global economy. The group’s principal objectives are to advance worldwide economic cooperation and deal with the world economy’s most urgent issues.


PM Modi discussed India’s role as the president of the G-20 and the opportunities it presents for promoting the country, both domestically and internationally. They stressed the need to ensure that the G-20 summit had opportunities for public involvement in addition to being a diplomatic gathering. They also emphasised the need to promote India to its diaspora, which includes the upcoming generation of young migrants and India’s potential as the world’s capital of knowledge and talent.

Modi advised that the Indian diaspora should call the delegates arriving from their countries and tell them about India, to make them feel welcome and at home even before they arrive in India. They said that when the G-20 summit is conducted, many nations would observe the Indian people’s ethos of “Atithi Devo Bhava” (Treat your visitor as god). The Indian Diaspora should also record their hardships, victories, and lives. They urged institutions to work toward creating written, audio, or video record of the history of the Indian diaspora in every nation.

Modi also emphasised India’s strength in giving young people a platform to develop their talents so they may become the world’s engine of growth. They also highlighted how India provides young people of the next generation born and raised overseas the chance to learn about and comprehend their nation of origin. They also emphasised that the more young people’s curiosity grows, the more study on India will be done, the more tourists there will be, and the more proud people will be of India.

The Indian diaspora has made tremendous contributions to nation-building, working in numerous nations where immigrants from India have lived throughout the years, according to Modi. And during the past eight years, the country has done everything to strengthen its diaspora. Modi also expresses gratitude and greetings to the President of Guyana and the President of Suriname, assuring them that India will live up to their suggestions.

India has a great opportunity to market itself globally and promotes its youth through its role as G-20 president. In addition, Modi emphasised the necessity for the Indian diaspora to chronicle their experiences, hardships, and successes, as well as the need to promote India to its diaspora, notably the upcoming generation of migrant young. Additionally, they assured that the Indian government had worked hard in recent years to promote the goals and aspirations of its international diaspora.

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