PM Mitsotakis visits market to aware the workers labour rights, healthy competitiveness


Athens: Today, July 4, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited the branches of a supermarket chain and a bank where the Digital Work Card is likely to be implemented from July 1.  

PM shared the information of his visit on his Facebook social media account, which noted :


“Today, I visited the branches of a supermarket chain and a bank where the Digital Work Card will be implemented from July 1. It’s an important achievement for employees to be able to know, as a state, exactly how much time they work so as to avoid any sabotage of working time.”

“It is certain, as the Digital Work Card will extend to other sectors of the economy, it will give a very big security to the worker, since they will know that they will truly be rewarded for the hours they have worked.”

The branches of a supermarket chain and a bank where, from July 1, the Digital Work Card, as a result of which the arrival, departure and hours of each employee are recorded transparently and in real-time, and the protection of their rights must be ensured, was visited in the morning the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

“It is an important indication for the workers that we can know, as a state, exactly how much time they work so as to avoid overtime work”, said the Prime Minister during the discussion he had with his employee. 

Market, in the centre of Athens, noting that there is now an automatic connection with PS Ergani, as this program and this tool will be extended to other branches of the economy, that it will give great security to the employee to know that he will really be paid for the hours he has worked. 

Because unfortunately, there are still quite a few circumvention phenomena. And now, with this tool, any labour inspector will be able to immediately know how long the worker has actually worked and if he should be at work at the time of the inspection”, Kyriakos Mitsotakis emphasized. 


That the new system “helps at the same time to healthy competition. Because correspondingly, employers who are consistent are enforced by employers who effectively defend against delinquency. And secondly, it will help the Labor Inspectorate in a targeted control system. 

That is, we could see, in real-time, where we need to intervene and why. So this gives a real system of defence of labour rights and healthy competitiveness”. 

“Employers will also know that it is much more difficult to exploit workers because the control that is much easier”, noted the Prime Minister, who had the opportunity to see in practice how the start and end of the shift in a supermarket are declared, easily and quickly, through the applications MyErgani – installed on employees’ mobile phones – and Ergani Cardscanner, installed on the employer’s device. 

Kyriakos Mitsotakis also had the opportunity to talk to employees about the effect of the Card on ensuring a balance between work and family life, on the possibility of better planning of their activities and on other everyday issues, such as their travel to and from work. 

Then the Prime Minister visited a bank branch, where he had the opportunity to see in real-time the alternative way of interfacing with the Digital Labor Card systems at PS Ergani, as the declaration of the start of the schedule is made with one click from each employee’s computer. Employment and the right to disconnection are protected so as to avoid any abuse.

 “It is one of the conquests of labour legislation. It has been discussed in many European countries, but few have done. We have institutionalized it so that the employee can know that the employer will not abuse his time when he works from home. 

Something that happened all the time to be honest,” the Prime Minister stressed.

 “Teleworking does not go outside the inspection’s radar, that is the most important thing, and the second thing is that we do not have illegal teleworking, that is, someone having physical work and appear. Telecommuter”, she said during the discussion with the workers and the bank of the General Secretariat of Labor Relations. 

The digital process of advance notice of the schedule and declaration of increased hours guarantees the rights of the workers. In contrast, it is planned to expand it to all branches within 12 months.

 The Card includes conveniences in the application for “smart” mobile phones myErgani app. The CardScanner app is also available to businesses, which “reads” the employee’s Digital Card when entering and leaving work and transmits the information in real-time to the Ergani system.

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