PM Johnson says UK will back Ukraine to end the war


Britain’s PM Boris Johnson praises the citizens of the unites kingdom for their fortitude while facing Russia’s aggression against the native of Ukraine; he also added that the UK would keep backing Ukraine to Bolster its self-defence.

On Sunday, during the call with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, PM Johnson asserted that the UK would continue to stand behind Ukraine to support the country and put utmost effort to end this destructive war between Russia and Ukraine.


Meanwhile, the Department of Health and Social Care informed that the government would announce that the UK would offer life-saving cancer treatment to 21 Ukrainian children with the support of Polish government authorities.

Downing Street said that PM Johnson claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s activities are not worthy to humanity; his actions do not judge Ukraine but all of humanity.

Russian men abducted mayors of Dniprorudne and Melitopol, killed numerous innocent Ukrainians, and murdered an American film director, Brent Renaud.

According to the reports, Mr Renaud was killed in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv after Russian forces opened fire on his vehicle.

A Downing Street spokesperson reiterated that PM Johnson outlined the UK’s support to deliver to Ukraine.

“He said the UK would continue to pursue more options for bolstering Ukraine’s self-defence, working with partners including at Tuesday’s meeting of the Joint Expeditionary Force in London.”


Mr Johnson is preparing for meetings with Nordic and Baltic leaders this week as he seeks to strengthen European resilience after Russia invades Ukraine.

He will host a summit of the Joint Expeditionary Force, urging leaders to work together to ensure no other nations fall victim to Russian aggression, Downing Street said.



















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