PM Boris Johnson to resign from his premiership


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has agreed to resign from his premiership just two days after Rishi Sunak’s resignation from his party. PM Johnson’s resignation has paralyzed Britain’s government.

An official in Johnson’s Downing Street office has confirmed that PM Johnson would announce his resignation later. The official spoke anonymously because the announcement had not yet been made. More than 40 ministers have resigned from his conservative party to step quit his government and want him to go.


Moreover, it is unclear whether PM Johnson would stay in his office while the Conservative Party is looking to choose a new leader to replace him as prime minister.

As per the sources, Johnson’s most trusted Cabinet ministers visited him at his office in Downing Street on Wednesday, advising him to stand down after the party’s trust.

Despite this, PM Johnson chose to fight for his political career and fired Michael Gove, one of his Cabinet officials.

But recent revelations Johnson was aware of sexual misconduct allegations against a Conservative MP, Chris Pincher, were the last straw before he promoted the man to a senior position.

On Wednesday, Treasury Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid resigned within minutes of each other over the scandal. The Cabinet’s prominent personalities were responsible for tackling UK’s most significant issues, the cost-of-living crisis and COVID-19.

Javid captured the mood of many lawmakers when he said Johnson’s actions threatened to undermine the integrity of the Conservative Party and the British government.


“At some point, we have to conclude that enough is enough,” he told fellow lawmakers Wednesday. “I believe that point is now.”










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