Pakistani Tribune: India’s Fortunes Have Dramatically Improved


According to the Pakistani Tribune, India’s fortunes have dramatically improved in recent years and is now a major player on the global stage. Prime Minister Modi has been at the vanguard of this change, successfully rebranding India in a way no other leader before him has achieved. India now has the fifth-largest economy in the world, but by 2037, it’s predicted to be the third-largest. A large military and an expanding number of billionaires are among its many assets. Its government system has been reliable under Modi’s leadership, and the nation has solidified its identity.

India is significant globally due to its large population and impact on politics, economics, and the military. India’s GDP is above three trillion dollars, and the country’s economy is expanding quickly. Additionally, it possesses the world’s second-largest army and the third-largest military. India is a significant producer of IT services as well as agricultural goods.


India’s ability to strike a balance in its dealings with several countries contributes to its development. India is a strong business partner of Russia and an ally of the United States. India may now conduct open commerce with Russia and get favourable terms to buy Russian oil. As a result, India is becoming a significant ally for both the US and Russia.

Other countries have noticed India’s success. Saudi Arabia has announced an investment of over 72 billion USD in India, while China has pledged 10 billion USDs to help Pakistan out of its financial predicament. This shows that India is a preferred destination for investors and that other countries recognize its importance.

However, India’s success has been challenging. Some critics have raised concerns about the country’s secularism under Modi’s leadership. Modi has crafted a religious-nationalist plank for India’s newer assertion and identity, which has caused problems with the country’s ability to maintain its diversity and secularism.

India’s success is also evident in its ability to maintain stability and coherence despite its large population. The country has a relatively steady and functional polity, and its system of governance has withstood the test of time. This has allowed India to solidify what makes a nation and to become a role model for other developing countries.

India’s prosperity is largely due to its focus on innovation and technology. The country boasts a flourishing startup scene and is home to some of the top technology companies in the world, like Infosys and TATA. India is currently a major player in the IT industry and a leading producer of products and services based on technology.

India’s concentration on innovation and technology, including a strong startup scene and significant IT firms like Infosys and TATA, underpins the country’s success. It is a substantial participant in the IT sector and a top supplier of goods and services with a technological foundation.


India’s prosperity results from its powerful military, political influence, economy, and capacity to balance its interactions with many nations. Its governing structure has demonstrated resiliency and strengthened the nation’s sense of itself. India’s success is also a result of its focus on innovation and technology, which has driven its economy and made it a leading player in the IT industry. However, India still faces challenges, including poverty, inequality, and environmental damage, that it will need to address to sustain its growth and development.


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