Over 12,000 migrants arrived in Hungary within 24 hours


Hungary has announced that on Tuesday, March 19, 5,482 people crossed into Hungary directly from Ukraine, while another 6,756 from Ukraine crossed through Romania.

In a statement issued on April 21, the Hungarian government said that the number of Ukrainian refugees arriving in Hungary had risen to more than 12,000 in one day on Tuesday, according to the reports. 


According to the government, police also released temporary 30-day residence permits to 798 people.

The government states that in order to apply for permanent documents, holders of these permits must contact a local immigration office near their place of residence within 30 days.

In addition, Budapest police have received 520 refugees by train, including 171 children.

Meanwhile, on Monday alone, about 4,556 people crossed into Hungary directly from Ukraine, and another 4,203 from Ukraine crossed into Romania.

According to the National Police Headquarters, it was also confirmed that the police had issued temporary residence permits for 1,061 people.

“Budapest police received 880 refugees, 314 children among them, by train. Refugees arriving on special train services at Kőbánya felső railway station in eastern Budapest were taken by bus to the BOK sports and events centre serving as a humanitarian transit point,” the statement issued by the government reads.


In a statement issued on April 21, the government announced that it had addressed the EU with a request for a higher contribution to the costs of treating refugees from Ukraine.

“Hungary needs additional funding from the European Union to alleviate the financial burdens linked to migration and the costs of handling refugees. The minister said Hungary had spent HUF 600 billion (EUR 1.6bn) on protecting the southern border and HUF 40 billion on managing the Ukrainian refugee situation. 

However, the EU contribution covers only 2 per cent of the costs,” Minister of Finance Mihály Varga said in this regard.

Hungary has secured about €300 million in EU resources related to the situation of Ukrainian refugees.


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