Over 100 Scottish people sign up to help Ukrainian army


On Tuesday, 02 March, many people, some with military knowledge and others who have never even seen action from Scotland, reached at the Ukrainian embassy in west London to volunteer to fight.

This step came after Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, informed the creation of an international unit to help protect his country and pleaded to foreign volunteers to come forward and join hands with him in fighting for Ukraine.


Although, The UK and Scottish Governments warned against anyone other than professional military personnel heading to the country.

There is also a question mark over the legal situation of anyone who visits Ukraine to fight. Across the UK, there have been several reports of people of Britain signing up to fight alongside Ukrainians.

Liam Hawkins, aged 30, drove to the Ukrainian embassy from Deptford, southeast London, to sign up himself to help refugees stuck at the border in a humanitarian ability.

The 30-year-old father said, “I haven’t slept since this attack, and I just can’t stay at home with my babies and my wife and do nothing.”

“Right is right and wrong is wrong, nevertheless of nationality or creed or whatever.”

UK’s Defence Secretary Ben Wallace advised people not to travel to Ukraine to join the fighting.


Mr Wallace said he does not “want to see people of UK killed any more than I want to see Ukrainians” dying. Whereas, colleague Liz Truss said she would “undoubtedly” support British nationals who decided to go to help fight against the Russian invasion.

Mr Wallace said there are other “better ways” to help the people of Ukraine rather than putting your life at stake.

He further said, “If you’re willing to help and you’re the United Kingdom national, come and join our armed forces.”

He said we could help by donating money through the Ukrainian embassy to be spent on weaponry and aid or volunteering with organisations helping refugees.

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