Northamptonshire Police arrests 25 people for possession of drugs and weapons

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England: Northamptonshire Police officials arrested 25 people and seized drugs and weapons under the national week of action. Last week, Northamptonshire celebrated the County Lines Intensification Week, which sees police forces from across the UK focus on criminals who move around the country to sell illegal drugs.

Members of the Force’s Serious and Organised Crime Team joined together with colleagues from other teams, including those in Neighbourhood Policing and Intelligence, to take action against those believed to be involved in county lines activity while also safeguarding those being exploited by gangs.

During the week, officers also worked closely with British Transport Police and partners in our two Community Safety Partnerships to engage with members of the public at Wellingborough and Kettering train stations as well as the Government Agencies Intelligence Network (GAIN) to speak to local businesses.

Detective Inspector Carrie Powers, from the Serious and Organised Crime Team, said, “County lines drug dealing is a form of serious and organised crime and is taking place in Northamptonshire. Gangs target vulnerable people and make life difficult by dealing drugs and using violence to intimidate and coerce people into dealing or housing them on their behalf.
During our activity, we arrested 25 people and seized over £25,000 worth of Class A drugs and weapons, including knives, BB guns and other firearms.”

“Running these lines is big business for those at the top of what is essentially a pyramid scheme that exploits children, people with drug and alcohol dependencies and other vulnerabilities. They’re involved with dealing various drugs, including cocaine and cannabis, and have no regard for those affected by their activity,” he added.

Inspector Powers further highlighted, “We will continue to pursue those involved in this type of crime. I urge anyone with information about suspicious activity to report it anonymously to Crimestoppers or us. Your piece of information could be the final piece of the jigsaw we need to take action against offenders.”

During the week, Northamptonshire Police:
*Safeguarded 16 people, including 14 children
*Arrested 25 people
*Seized 15k worth of crack cocaine
*Seized 10k of heroin
*Seized 811 deals of cocaine
*Seized cannabis
*Seized one baton, five knives, two BB guns and two x firearms
*Seized £30,662 cash and designer clothing

Kyle Smith

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