North Wales Police expresses gratitude to people for stepping to help injured in Pwllheli town


North Wales Police recently extended their gratitude to the members of the general public after helping a man who had a nasty fall in Pwllheli town centre.

As per the information shared by the official Facebook page of North Wales police, the local people stepped up to help the victim and offered him first aid despite the awful weather.


Police added that force is touched with people’s sweet gestures towards the injured.

Police on their official Facebook page added, “On Monday, a gentleman received a nasty fall in Pwllheli town centre, and despite the horrendous weather, the local community did not hesitate to step in to help.”

Police added that the help from the community so touches the force; further, North Wales Police expressed their gratitude towards everyone who supported local officers to keep the injured man warm and cared for whilst he waited for an ambulance.

Police thanked the members of the public, Local NHS workers and two doctors who were in North Wales for their holidays, and the Abersoch Coastguard for their efforts to keep the gentleman warm and cared for.

The Police also thanked the Wetherspoons team, who allowed shelter from the cold to the injured man.

Thank you to members of the public, local NHS workers, two Doctors who were here on holiday and the Abersoch Coastguard for their efforts to keep the gentleman warm and cared for. Thanks also to the kind Wetherspoons team who allowed shelter from the cold.


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