New leaks surround the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip and Fold imply better IP ratings, and a case for S-pen


The new leak indicates that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 will have IPX8 water resistance, bringing it closer to Samsung’s non-folding phones. The information was previously published by Max Weinbach and is now confirmed by Evan Blass, who posted a rating on Twitter and a picture that appears to be from Samsung showing the phone being splashed. The waterproof data adds to a large number of leaks and images we saw before Samsung’s August 11 Unpacked event, where the phone is expected to be released.

As SlashGear pointed out, the rumored IPX8 rating of mobile phones does not include dust resistance, which has been a worrying issue since Samsung started manufacturing foldable phones. However, the official waterproof rating may be a relief to those who are concerned about the durability of expensive phones with a long history. It also allows the phone to better match other flagship products that Samsung has been waterproofing for years.


Blass’s tweet also mentioned the phone’s camera and display specifications, as well as the S Pen option reportedly available for Z Fold 3. Due to a separate leak, we also know how Samsung wants us to do this. Place the stylus on the phone: use the protective case just above the hinge. This is similar to how Samsung handled the inclusion of a stylus holder in the Galaxy S21 Ultra, although it may be more elegant.

We also saw the allegedly leaked official marketing version of WinFuture’s Z Flip 3, which gave us a good idea of ​​the larger external display and the reoriented dual camera (though unfortunately, they did not show the interesting two-tone color scheme) has been seen in previous leaks). The external display on the original Z Flip and Z Flip 5G is small, downgrading notifications and clocks to the corner of the phone cover. For those trying to check notifications or take selfies with the main camera, the next generation seems to make things easier.

Rumors about water resistance and Z Fold S Pen compatibility indicate that Samsung’s foldable phones have features that its more traditional phones already have. This will be a step towards making them less weird and more practical, but there is still a long way to go: even at discounts, the prices of Z Flip 5G and Z Fold 2 are higher and possibly worse. Somehow (not unlike the Z Flip camera).

The upcoming Galaxy Z Fold combines the best features that smartphones and tablets must provide, and provides a new way to work, connect and create, while the upcoming Z Flip showcases a more refined style, equipped with more durable and more durable material. I firmly believe that these devices will respond to the needs of multi-functional mobile technologies that we need to navigate on the open roads of the future.

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