Netizens saves young man committing suicide, held him until safety arrived


A young man in London was attempting suicide by jumping off a bridge in London, United Kingdom. Eventually, the man was saved by the people in the town, who held him for an hour until help finally arrived to get him down. The people from the city showed their kindness and care by helping the man to save his life. Incredible Stuff shared the update on Friday, April 24, 2023.

In the 21st Century, where everyone is running towards worldly pleasures and attaining the best life for themselves, people day by day forget to carry the sense of warmth, love and compassion, one’s they have within their hearts.


At such time, it’s completely impossible to find those who still carries a sense of oneness and love for each other inside their heart. However, The travel-based social media handle Incredible Stuff proved us wrong after sharing a deep and meaningful post about Selfless and humanity on their social media handle on Friday, April 24, 2023.

The Travel-based social media handle Incredible Stuff shared that a young man around 25 probably was trying to jump off a bridge in London, committing suicide. Still, meanwhile, he was talked down by fellow absolute strangers of the town, who proceeded to hold him for an hour until help arrived to get him down safely.

The Travel-based Incredible Stuff on that feels moved by the attempt of people to save a man from losing his life. Even being a stranger to him, the Incredible Stuff praises the people of the town for showing their care, compassion, selflessness and determination, even being a stranger hurting man who made up his mind to commit suicide. In Today’s generation, people lack these things, but still holding up to that feeling of love, kindness, compassion, and selflessness is what makes us unique in this material world.

At last, The Incredible Stuff shared that the feeling of care, compassion, selflessness and determination is not found in this materialistic world, thinks of attaining and enjoying worldly pleasures only and loses the sense of love, kindness and humanity, so to hold on to these things people need more in the world.

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