Maz Jobrani: Exploring Cultural Differences in the Middle East


Maz Jobrani, an Iranian-American comedian, performed a comedy routine in Doha, Qatar. He talked about how Doha is a very international city and how different nationalities have different customs regarding saying hello and kissing on the cheek. He also touched on the recent political turmoil in the region and made jokes about how Lebanon is the most peaceful place in the Middle East.

In his routine, Jobrani talked about how he is welcomed by people worldwide when he arrives in Doha. He mentioned how the airport is full of people from different countries, such as Indians, Filipinos, South Africans, Koreans, and Pakistanis. He joked that sometimes he even wonders where the Qataris are, as they are smart and come out later when it’s cooler.


He also talked about how Doha is growing so fast, and sometimes there are growing pains. He gave an example of an Indian cab driver who showed up at the wrong hotel, and when Jobrani asked him what was wrong, he said he didn’t know where the hotel was. After arriving at the airport, he got a job as a cab driver in Doha.

Jobrani also discussed the Arab Spring and revolution and the Middle East’s political unrest. He claimed that Lebanon is the most tranquil country in the Middle East and that the entire region is going crazy. He also said that although he is there to discuss the issues, some people don’t want to.

One of the main jokes Jobrani made was about the number of kisses people give when saying hello in different countries. He said that in Lebanon, they do three kisses; in Egypt, they do two; in Saudi Arabia, they keep on kissing for a long time. He also joked about the Qataris, saying they do the nose-to-nose thing as they are too tired to go all the way around. He also jokes about Iranians, saying they are unsure how many kisses they should give.

In conclusion, Maz Jobrani’s comedy routine in Doha, Qatar, was a light-hearted way of discussing the cultural differences and similarities between nationalities in the Middle East. He made jokes about the customs of different races, the recent political turmoil in the region, and the number of kisses people give when saying hello in other countries. The audience laughed and enjoyed the show.





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