London police clutches $300,000 worth of illegal drugs 


London police have seized nearly $300,000 worth of drugs. According to the sources, On April 14, members of the Guns and Gangs section and the Emergency Response and Canine Units entered three houses in the city April 14; the addresses were Chelton Road, Gramercy Park Place, and Langmuir Avenue.

A 48-year-old, 44-year-old, 33-year-old and 32 year old, all from London, have been jointly charged with four counts of possession of a schedule I substance for the purpose of trafficking (fentanyl, methamphetamine, cocaine, and hydromorphone) and one count of possession of a prohibited weapon.


Two other people from London, a 43-year-old and a 41-year-old, are jointly charged with three counts of possessing a Schedule I substance for trafficking (methamphetamine, cocaine, and hydromorphone).

London police seized a high amount of illegal drugs. The following are the drugs that London police seized:

  •  2406 grams of crystal methamphetamine, value $192,480
  •  580 grams of cocaine, value $58,000
  •  56 grams of fentanyl, value $14,000
  •  16 grams of crack cocaine, value $1,280
  •  176 dilaudid 8mg pills, value $2640
  •  67 hydromorphine pills, value $1,005
  •  3 oxycodone pills, value $142
  •  8 hydromorphone 3mg pills, value $120
  •  11 hydromorphone 12mg pills, value $165
  •  2 hydromorphone 2mg pills, value $30
  •  1308 grams of cutting agent
  •  digital scale
  •  brass knuckles

All of the accused will appear in the London court later concerning the charges, and the court’s order will be the final sanction during the trial.

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