Lisburn: NOSOD hosts Class Festival Primary School Overall Awards, announces results


Lisburn, Northern Ireland: The Naomi Orr School of Dance, Lisburn’s leading dance company, hosted an award ceremony under the ‘Class Festival 2023’ for the primary school age group to honour the young students for their accomplishments. 

NOSOD is located in Lisburn and competes in dance competitions all over Northern Ireland/UK/Ireland. They also provide Annual Christmas Showcases, End of Year Showcases and Dance Exams for children to receive qualifications.


The results of the NOSOD Class Festival Primary School Overall Awards were announced by the dance company on their official Facebook account on February 15, 2023. The results of the awards are as follows:

  • Most promising open acro solo P4-P7 – The Mcaleenon Trophy – Sophia Donnelly
  • Highest mark in the festival score of 93 – The Mya & Alisha cup – Megan Mateer
  • Best stage personality P2-P4 – The Dazell trophy – Darcey Sangan
  • Best stage personality P5-P7 – The Mcclenaham Trophy – Kelsey Glasgow
  • Most Promising modern dancer P2-P3 – The Davone Trophy – Arianna Johnson
  • Most promising Modern dancer P4-P5 – The Sheilds Trophy – Lola Mcaleenon
  • Most promising Modern dancer P6-P7 – The Haywood Cup – Amelia Graham
  • Dancer showing most endeavour P2-P4 – The Emma Donnelly memorial cup – Emily Agnew
  • Dance showing most endeavour P5-P7 – The Glasgow Trophy – Amber Mcclurg
  • Best hip-hop solo P2-P3 – The Lewis Trophy – Darcey Sangan
  • Best hip-hop dancer P4-P5 – The Lillie Murphy trophy – Darcie Hooks
  • Best hip-hop dancer P6-P7 – The Lecky cup – Aliyah Perez
  • Most promising lyrical dancer P2-P3 – The B&C Butcher’s Cup – Avannah Graham
  • Most promising lyrical dancer P4-P5 – The Williams Cup – Darcie Hooks
  • Most promising lyrical dancer P6-P7 – The Watson cup – Aliyah Perez
  • Best novice dancer – The Naomi Orr Cup – Charley-Ann Orr
  • Most promising contemporary dancer P6-P7 – The Crookshanks cup – Sophia Donnelly
  • Spirit of the festival P2-P3 – The Bilcos Trophy – Darcey Sangan
  • Spirit of the festival P4-P5 – The Portis cup – Annabelle Spence
  • Spirit of the festival P6-P7 – The Naomi and Mandy Orr cup – Megan Mateer
  • Highest mark in modern solo P2-P7 – Nanny Frame cup – Megan Mateer
  • Highest mark lyrical solo P2-P7 – The David Rowan cup – Megan Mateer
  • Best acro solo P4-P7 – Style and Value cup – Megan Mateer
  • Top dance in the festival – Olive Montgomery Cup – Megan Mateer

The Naomi Orr School of Dance Lisbrun added, “Wow, girls, amazing results and accomplishments to be awarded a Top Overall Award from Jill. You should be very proud.”

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