Kenya: Principal Secretary of State Department Mary Muthoni Muriuki extends pleasure to flag off 76 nurses to UK

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The Principal Secretary of the State Department for Public Health and Professional Standards in Kenya, Mary Muthoni Muriuki HSC, extended her pleasure to flag off 76 Kenyan nurses to the United Kingdom under the Kenya-UK Bilateral Agreement.

As per the Principal Secretary of the State Department, Mary Muthoni Muriuki, this Bilateral agreement has marked a significant milestone in the nation’s healthcare journey, underscoring the importance of global collaboration and excellence in healthcare professionalism.

While the nurses’ journey abroad will undoubtedly provide them with unparalleled opportunities to enhance their skills and contribute to advanced healthcare systems, the true significance lies in the lasting impact they will bring back to Kenya.

State Secretary emphasised that their exposure to international healthcare settings, innovative practices, and diverse experiences will serve as catalysts for shaping the future of Kenya’s healthcare landscape.

She also stressed that sending these remarkable nurses is a testament to Kenya’s ambition to become a premier hub for health tourism. This vision transcends boundaries and aims to establish world-class healthcare as an integral part of the nation’s identity. The positive impact of this program will ripple through every facet of Kenya’s healthcare system, reaching both urban and rural areas alike.

Further, she also delivered a special message to all the nurses embarking on this extraordinary voyage to remember that you are pioneers of progress and ambassadors of your nation.

“Your dedication to healthcare advancement, commitment to learning, and passion for nurturing the next generation will profoundly impact patients and professionals.”

“Your journey will inspire excellence and underscore the quality of healthcare professionals Kenya produces,” Secretary Mary Muthoni added.

In conclusion, Secretary Mary Muthoni also extended her pleasure and wished the nurses all the best for their journey. She recognised their contributions to the Health sector and honoured them, saying, “May your journey be successful as you embark on this extraordinary voyage of healing, learning, and leadership. I appreciate your commitment to healthcare excellence and dedication to making a difference in the lives of patients and healthcare systems worldwide.”



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