Julian Treasure: Avoid “Seven Deadly Sins” For Better Discussions


Julian Treasure’s TED Talk on “How to Speak so that People Want to Listen” explains how the human voice is the most powerful sound in the world, yet numerous people struggle to be heard. He presents the “seven deadly sins of speaking,” habits that can make people reluctant to listen to us. These habits include gossip, judging, negativity, complaining, excuses, exaggeration, and lying.

During the talk, Treasure talks about how these patterns can make it difficult for people to listen to us, and he illustrates how they can manifest in everyday discussions. For instance, he describes how complaining can be “viral misery” that spreads negativity and how excuses can drive people unwilling to take accountability for their activities.


The talk highlights that we can become more influential communicators by acknowledging these habits. Treasure also cites that in addition to avoiding these habits, speaking with integrity, empathy and authenticity is essential.

The talk has been received positively by a wide range of audiences. Several people who watched the video communicated “how they felt”. It is an exceptional reminder of how we can all become better communicators by acknowledging and avoiding the seven deadly sins of speaking. Many people also shared that the talk has assisted them in becoming conscious of how they talk and how it influences the people around them.

“I discovered a lot from Julian Treasure’s TED talk. It helped me to comprehend how I sometimes unintentionally push people away with my words. I’m now more mindful of the way I talk, and I’m working on altering my habits”, said John, a resident of Toronto, Canada.

It’s a vital reminder that our words profoundly influence the people around us. I will be more cautious of what I say.” said Sarah, a resident of New York City.

“It was a wonderful reminder to be more aware of how I speak. Moreover, now I am conscious of how others might perceive my words. I will be working on being more optimistic and less negative in my conversations,” said Mark, a resident of London, UK.

Julian Treasure’s TED Talk on “How to Speak so that People Want to Listen” is an enlightening and powerful message on the significance of being mindful of how we speak, offering concrete guidance on how we can all become better communicators.


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