Josh Kaufman: Rapid Skill Acquisition Method


Josh Kaufman presents a strategy for quick skill acquisition in his TEDx talk titled “The First 20 Hours – How to Learn Anything.” According to Kaufman, breaking down a skill into its parts, maximizing productive practice, and removing typical learning obstacles are the keys to learning anything quickly. He contends that the quality of the practice itself is more important than the amount of time spent practising.

Kaufman suggests first breaking the skill down into more manageable, smaller components. By focusing on the most important components of the skill, learners can avoid getting overwhelmed. For at least 20 hours of practice, Kaufman advises scheduling daily 45-minute practice sessions for a month. Deliberate practice is crucial now, which entails practising with definite goals and getting performance feedback.


Kaufman’s methodology contests the idea that mastering a skill requires years of practice. Instead, he contends that the calibre of practice is more significant than the quantity of practice. Learners can concentrate on the most important elements and prevent overwhelm by breaking a skill into manageable parts.

The following step is to practice the skill for at least 20 hours using the deliberate practice method, which entails practising with a particular end in mind and receiving performance feedback. Kaufman suggests spending a month practising for 20 hours, or 45 minutes per day.

The Kaufman approach also stresses the significance of removing typical learning obstacles like lack of motivation and fear of failure. Learners can maintain motivation and concentration on their goals by setting specific goals and developing a plan of action.

Since his TEDx talk’s publication, many people have used Kaufman’s method to pick up new skills quickly. Those with busy schedules and little free learning time can benefit most from Kaufman’s approach. No matter their age or experience level, anyone can learn a new skill with his method in just 20 hours.

The method of rapid skill acquisition developed by Kaufman offers a novel viewpoint on the conventional idea of skill mastery. Anyone can learn a new skill quickly and effectively if the skill is broken down, maximizes productive practice, and removes common learning obstacles.

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