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Jordan Pruitt shares her Miscarriage experiences!

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“I felt that I needed to share this in hopes that if you have ever gone through this or are currently experiencing this, that you know you’re not alone.” She also added, “It most definitely wasn’t expected, but I have to trust that God has a plan.”

Jordon later concluded and mentioned, “I wanted to post this picture of my sweet family from last night, because now more than ever, I’m holding them even tighter. Much Love, J.”

In May 2015, Pruitt and her beau, Brian Fuente, ‘The Voice alum’ got engaged and soon tied the knot. Her husband, Brian owns ‘The Aero Bar’ and ‘AeroBuild’ in Nashville. After the pair got married, they made their move to the Dominican Republic in order to celebrate their Honeymoon.

The groom even added a few of their pictures as the married couple on his Social media. The picture depicted him and his wife dressed in their wedding attires along with a few of the young members of the Weeding ceremony, all in whites.

Fuente captioned, “Yesterday was very, beautiful. We were reminded of how much love we share not only with each other but through our incredible family and friends. We couldn’t ask for a more beautiful blessing.”

Later, in 2020, the pair welcomed their little daughter,  Olivia West in September. The singer and Brian shared the news of their pregnancy and termed their daughter’s arrival as ‘a light in the darkness.’

Soon, after Olivia was born, Jordon via her Instagram handle noted, “Olivia West Fuente. Welcome to the World. Our hearts are so full of love and gratitude. We are So in love with you, baby girl.” Meanwhile, Brain also announced the birth of their little daughter and wrote, “My life is forever changed by you baby girl. Welcome to the world, Ms. Olivia West Fuente.”

The singer shared a picture of their ultrasound and wrote, “We’ve been keeping a secret … @iamjordanpruitt and I are thrilled to announce that we are expecting our first child this Fall!”

Adding upon, she wrote, “We could not be more excited about this next chapter in our lives, and can’t wait to welcome our little bean into the world. ✨ #babymakes3.”

On the other hand, her husband also said, “What I’m looking forward to most is being able to give my child the upmost love, raise them in an open and honest environment and make our own family traditions with our little one!”

Significantly, Jordon Pruitt eagerly and constantly speaks about how her life has changed as a mother since Olivia has born. While detailing her postpartum adventure, Jordon after the six months of her daughter, “I spent, as other Moms know, almost a full year dedicating my body to another human being. And after giving birth, you just want to feel like yourself again.”

Adding to her statement, “I still have sagging skin, that pregnancy line on my tummy that apparently might not go away, and around six pounds to lose, but I feel really good again. I had pretty bad PP anxiety and some mild bouts of depression. I’ve experienced a lot of PP Hair loss like actual CLUMPS come out every time I brush it, and it makes me feel like something else is wrong. (It’s not lol).”

On continuing her statement, she claimed, “Obviously, this is all worth it when I look at my sweet baby but wanted to be real about my PP journey and how crazy/stressful it gets sometimes!”

In 2019, the singer revealed that she was sexually abused by her own ex-manager, Keith Thomas, while she was a teenage girl. That time, Jordon filed a lawsuit and accused Thomas of harassing her sexually, while she was just a year kid.
The alum of ‘the Voice’ noted, “Unfortunately, these large companies are primarily concerned with sales, money, and charts. Too often they fall short of protecting the young talent that they are ‘supposed to be caretakers for. Time and time again we see people in positions of power fail us. I couldn’t be more disappointed in how Disney treats their underage talent like cash cows.”
In the lawsuit, she even added the names of her previous record label, the Hollywood Records, and also the Walt Disney Co. She alleged that these Business Cooperations even failed to stop such things from happening to her.

That time, she via her Twitter handle, tweeted, “3 weeks ago as ‘Jane Doe’ I filed a lawsuit against my molester and those who enabled him. No more Jane Doe. I am Jordan Pruitt. #justice #metoo #SeeSomethingSaySomething”

On speaking about her sexual abuse, the singer stated, “I will, and will always continue to be the voice for those who aren’t able to speak. I want to be the voice for those who have never been given the chance for justice. And holding others accountable is key when it comes to paving the way for change to happen.”

Jordon added and said, “I won’t stop fighting for what is right until I, and so many others, get the justice that we deserve as women. Doing what is right will never be wrong.”

Later, the singer also clarified that Thoman even gained the trust of her mother and this made the singer to be proved wrong. Hence, the ex-manager also grabbed the opportunity of being alone with Jordon and assaulted her.

Additionally, Jordon Pruitt has stated that this abuse began with her while she was fourteen and lasted for about two years, till she was 16. Further, she also revealed that Thomas took her virginity, and all this involved kissing and other oral sex activities.

The singer, significantly, noted, “At fifteen this person had brainwashed me into thinking that the things that were happening were ‘natural’ and ‘okay.’ While I will spare you any of the mind-piercing details, I can honestly and unfortunately say that this man sexually abused me for almost two years of my life. I am a victim of child molestation because of him.”

Speaking more, Jordon has mentioned that these activities took place on soundstages at the Warner Bros. lot, in artists’ trailers, at Staples Center, in hotel rooms, and even while cars were parked.

Supporting the courage of the singer, her attorney also stated, “Jordan Pruitt, like far too many child stars, was exploited by the very people who should have been protecting her.”

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