India’s Urban Awakening: Plans to Revamp Central Vista


The Indian government has plans to revamp the Central Vista and build a new Parliament building as part of a series of mega urban projects. This was announced by the Urban Development Minister, Hardeep Puri. Central Vista is the heart of New Delhi’s capital, home to many government buildings, including the presidential palace and the parliament. The government plans to renovate this area and build a new parliament building to accommodate the increasing population and urbanisation.

The Minister stated that the public’s large-scale acceptance of the projects, despite some voices of criticism, shows that Indians are embracing urban redevelopment. He pointed out that 40% of the population will live in urban spaces by 2030, and the government has made large strides in building urban infrastructure. Quoting a McKinsey study, the Minister said India must build 700-900 million square meters of urban space annually to accommodate this population, which the government is equipped to do.


The Minister also spoke about urban transport and stated that today the coverage of metro rail in India had reached 840 kilometres, making the country the fifth in the world. However, this will rapidly change in the coming weeks as the government will soon overtake Japan and South Korea to become the third. He said that India’s “urban awakening” has ensured the country is slowly charting the pathway for sustainable growth.

The government’s urban redevelopment plans are meant to address the country’s increasing urbanisation and population. Urbanisation, the process of people moving from rural to urban areas, encourages the growth of cities. More people are moving to cities, which increases the demand for housing, transportation, and other infrastructure. The government’s plans for urban redevelopment will satiate this demand and help to enhance living conditions for the expanding population.

Modern and energy-efficient construction methods will be used to construct the new parliament, which will be built as part of Central Vista’s redevelopment. It will have cutting-edge amenities and be built with sustainability in mind. The structure will be a testament to India’s growth and progress and a national pride symbol.

The Indian government’s urban redevelopment plans, including the Central Vista, revamping and constructing a new Parliament building, address the increasing population and urbanisation in the country. The projects have been met with large-scale acceptance by the public, and the government is equipped to build the necessary 700-900 million square meters of urban space annually. The Minister also highlighted that India’s urban transport coverage had reached 840 kilometres, is among the top 5 in the world, and will soon overtake Japan and South Korea to become the third. The government’s urban redevelopment plans will help meet the demand for housing, transportation, and other infrastructure and provide better living conditions for the increasing population.






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