Hungry logs new rules on vaccination passes


The Hungarian government will expand the validity of COVID vaccination passes for individuals who have already obtained two doses of vaccination until May 1st, chief of the Prime Minister’s office, Gergely Gulyás, conveyed at his weekly press conference. 

He asserted that presently, this is the procedure in EU countries. The notification was surprising since it has been emphasized that the second vaccination would be valid for only 180 days in order to increase the vaccination coverage rate and protect the citizens against Covid-19 waves. 


Also, the ruling government decree was published in the government’s official gazette Magyar Közlöny only a week ago.

While justifying the government’s latest decision, Gergely Gulyas asserted EU nations had not limited the travel restrictions due to the emergence of the new Omicron variant, and the government does not expect its citizens to be subject to rigid rules than other EU nations.

Previously, the government had determined that the immunity cards would be valid only with the third vaccination from February 15th, but now this decision has been changed.

Meanwhile, a virologists expert said the fifth wave of covid has peaked (or was about to peak), and numerous cases are expected to decline as it reaches the apex.

Although the novel coronavirus is expanding faster in the fifth wave, neither the admissions in hospitals nor the deaths rate are descending, Gulyás emphasizes.

Regarding the problem of Eastern vaccines, he asserted that he believes the European Union does not recognize them because of its own commercial interests.


Hungarians will only be eligible for a vaccination certificate if they have acquired the third booster jab or received the second dose no longer than six months ago.

Government spokeswoman Alexandra Szentkirályi announced that Pfizer’s coronavirus drug “Paxlovid” will be purchased from quantity equivalent to 50,000 treatments. However, this number can be increased later.

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