Hungary welcome 24,000 Ukrainian refugees over the weekend


Over 24,000 refugees from Ukraine entered Hungary over the weekend, according to the figures provided by the National Police Headquarters (ORFK).

The same source shows that on Sunday, 5,330 people crossed into Hungary from Ukraine, while another 5,582 reached the Central European country from Romania. At the same time, another 11,000 refugees entered Hungary on Saturday, as per the reports.


Following the example of other EU countries, Hungary has also opened its doors to many refugees from Ukraine.
According to the country’s government, the police have also issued temporary residence permits for 268 people valid for 30 days.

Through a statement issued on June 12, the government stressed that within 30 days, holders of these permits must contact a local immigration office near their residence to apply for permanent documents.

In addition, Budapest Police announced that it received 180 refugees, including 102 children who had arrived by train.

Previously it was reported that around 5,812 people crossed Hungary from Ukraine, while another 7,035 Ukrainian refugees came from Romania.

On May 14, the Hungarian government revealed that about 5,852 Ukrainian refugees crossed the Hungarian border from Ukraine, while 6,605 Ukrainian refugees crossed through Romania.

In addition, last month, the government issued temporary residence permits for around 353 people, while on Saturday, June 11, it issued only for 249 refugees.


The latest data released by the United Nations revealed that since the start of the war in Ukraine on February 24, Hungary had accepted about 764,216 refugees from this country. Meanwhile, 24,091 refugees have registered for temporary protection.

At the end of May, the government indicated that 23,000 asylum applications were submitted, and another 14,000 had been approved. At the same time, 120 thousand people have applied for temporary residence permits. The same also revealed that on May 30, 728,000 refugees from Ukraine were accepted into this country.



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