Hungary permits direct entry to Ukrainian refugees daily


The Hungary Government confirms around 5,852 Ukrainian refugees have direct entry into the country from Ukraine, while another 6,605 Ukrainian refugees crossed Hungary via Romania.

In a statement issued on May 16, the government also said that the police had issued temporary residence permits for 30 days to 353 people. In addition to applying for permanent documents, holders of these permits must contact a local immigration office near their place of residence within 30 days.


Budapest police received 132 refugees by train, including 74 children, according to the government.

Meanwhile, the municipal government office of Budapest said staff at the BOK sports and events centre serving as a humanitarian transit point had helped 446 refugees on Saturday, accommodating 67 of whom stayed overnight,” the statement reads.

In addition, the BOK Sports & Conference Center provides food and drink, medical services, toiletries, Internet access, and assistance with travel arrangements in association with charity groups and volunteers.

The Hungarian State Railways operate a ticket office on-site and are available to take people to the main train stations and the airport.

Moreover, according to the United Nations, since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia on February 24, more than 12 million people are believed to have fled their homes in Ukraine. 

Meanwhile, just over six million have fled to neighbouring countries, and another 6.5 million are thought to have been displaced within the war-torn country itself.


UNHCR data also show that since the war started, Hungary has welcomed about 610,076 Ukrainian refugees until May 16.

Other neighbouring countries with Ukraine which have accepted a significant number of refugees from Ukraine are:

  • Poland with (3,376,992)
  • Romania with (919,574)
  • Russian Federation with (850,534)
  • The Republic of Moldova with (464,294)
  • Slovakia with (424,027)

Like some other European Union countries, the government of Hungary has also decided to open its embassy in the Ukrainian capital from Lviv, seeing the security situation improve in Kyiv.

Similarly to Hungary, countries like Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, and Denmark have also decided to relocate their embassy to Kyiv.

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