Guy Ritchie & Jason Statham Reteam for Wrath Of Man!!


Reunited, and it feels so unpleasant, as Jason Statham and the director Guy Ritchie and an old-fashioned revenge plot sum up to “Wrath of Man,” a helpful, ultraviolent thriller if you can expose the horrible tough-guy dialogue. Jason does not talk in much of it. In a film that operates under the maxim, leave no bullet unfired. The cast & director combined in the 1990s with “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch” — which featured the former’s kinetic style and the latter’s reflecting intensity, but last drew up on Revolver in 2005.

The big news is that we’ll have a summer box office season appearance, finally, unlike last year. United Artists Releasing is filling the vacancy left by Disney earlier weekend with the Miramax/MGM production of Guy Ritchie’s R-rated Jason Statham action headline, Wrath of Man, which had a solid Friday at the B.O. during the outbreak with 3M dollars, later continued to make the same amount of money yesterday and will see a 3-day opening of 8M dollars at 2,875 theaters.


All-in, Wrath of Man, opened to 25.6M dollars W.W., 17.6M dollars of that from 3,332 places in nine territories, where eight of them ranked No. 1. Russia & CIS collected $10M, exceeding the record box office of Bad Boys for Life, John Wick 3, Man from UNCLE, and XXX: Return of Xander Cage. Australia and New Zealand took in 3.2M dollars, whereas China counted 1M dollars from limited previews, which started yesterday before its May 10 launch. Next to the meat-and-potato action films directed at older guys during the outbreak stateside since last August, Wrath of Man defeats the debuts of Nobody, Unhinged ($4M), Honest Thief ($4.1M), as well as, The Marksman ($3.1M). However, despite all, the Wrath of Man will premiere in U.S. theaters on May 7. It is R-rated.

Stay tuned!!

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