Greek President shared her experience of Thrace trip


The Greek President, Katerina Sakellaropoulou, went to Thrace; she shared her entire experience on her social media official Facebook handle and mentioned all the occasions and venues of the place.

While sharing her experience, president Katerina Sakellaropoulou noted the following experience on her official Facebook account:  


“A trip in memory and history was my trip to Thrace, a meeting with the traditions of the place, a tour where time is short, dedicated to remembering lost homes, but also accelerated, driven by the seed of the new generation eager to create;

“I faced the wounds left in the area the refuge, World War II, the civil, the migration, I walked in the footsteps of people from the black-sea states that found a new country there to live, I voted for a trace of the multi-purpose life of all those who shared the earth and the sky of the northeastern end of Greece as, in the decades that were meddling in the minor disaster, was gradually incorporated into the Thracian corpse;

“From the border of Petelea, where I was welcomed by girls and women in traditional costumes, kissing with dough bread dipped in oil with chubrica, that particularly aromatic, daily variety of oregano that makes everything smell good, as the Thrillorio of Rodopi named after the Australian Gpatos Refugee Deputy George Trilor, who also created it after the Treaty of Laosana; 

“From Nea Vyssa of Orestiada, the northernmost town of Greece, home of the great Greek mathematician Constantine Karatheodoris, where the state-of-the-art museum, dedicated to his work, as the Soufli where I painted together with the local women the morning eggs with turmeric and onion rings;

“From the Rodopi Activists at the evening of the apartment, while the few elderly residents, descendants of refugees from Cappadocia, followed moved, to Mandra where I met with young people who want jobs to stay in their place I with children from the art workshop of the village who make boats-symbols refugee crossing across the coast;


“From the small and large Dereio in Nea Kessani and from there to “Pleteno”, on the 8th kilometer of Xanthi-Dramas, the women’s cooperation where Muslims from Centavros and Christians from the area knit, make mats and jewellery, par making jams and juices, composing the skill with tradition under guidance by Angela Giannakidou;

“I also met the students of EPAL Didymoteichos, who I had the pleasure of being their mentor in the 2022 virtual business competition, in the framework of which they created the “Evros Zooboukitses”, and I was excitedly determined how much they wanted me Let them and support their place;

“I saw a Thrace resisting isolation and looking forward to the future. A Thrace that is firmly stepping on its roots maintains collective memory and at the same time invests in labour, dignity, self-respect and the strength of its people; 

“A place of multi important, with a great historical depth, which enriches by the difference and strengthens by the composition of oppositions. And for me, a box of children’s memories that never stopped wrapping me in its bush.”

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