Greece: Tourism Ministry & Visa signs agreement to boost Digital Nomad Visa  


Vassilis Kikilias, Tourism Minister of Greece, has made an agreement with Visa (an American multinational financial services company ), a corporation that facilitates electronic funds and transfers around the globe, to provide transaction data between the Ministry of Tourism and Visa and promote the Hellenic Republic. It will help promote the U.S. as a conducive destination for digital nomads. 

As per the reports, The Ministry of Tourism and Visa examine new ways to boost the cooperation sector and enhance the digital nomad scheme of the country. 


The promotion of the Hellenic Republic as a telecommunications destination is important for company executives, according to a statement published by the country’s tourism ministry, following estimates that Visa could send more than 3 percent of its workforce to the country annually or 21,500 people in future.

The agreement between Visa and the Ministry of Tourism ensured the possession of valuable data to develop the country’s tourism sector. 

Also, Visa will help provide a comprehensive twelve-month analysis of tourist spending in the Hellenic Republic made from the international Visa card.

The agreement specifies that Visa’s standalone table will be updated for three years. The company will promote the Hellenic Republic as a destination for foreign cardholders while collaborating with the Ministry of Tourism, a travel platform dedicated to the purpose website will present.

 “As tourism is an important part of the country’s GDP and a leading sector in terms of investments, it is important to formulate a policy based on data. In this regard, we welcome our cooperation with Visa as it will significantly enhance our policy-making capabilities for tourism product design,” the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias pointed out in this regard.

In addition, Kikilias stressed that “these data are a tool that will help us target our markets more accurately, identify opportunities, and better organize our strategy for the promotion of the country”.



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