Good deed: UK dog-groomer to travel to Ukraine with van full of pet food


In the UK, a dog groomer, Kate Geernaert, is planning to visit Ukraine with a van full of pet food and aid to assist people with animals fleeing the ongoing conflict.

Along with her partner Clint Sheppard, Kate Geernaert from Paulton in Somerset plans to leave for Poland next week.


As per the reports, the couple will set off in convoy with vehicles from the charity Dogbus, first taking the Eurotunnel shuttle to France before moving to eastern Europe. After reaching Poland, one of the vans will go into Ukraine to provide support, while others will help those who have crossed the border.

Furthermore, since the Russian invasion began eight days ago, more than 1 million refugees have fled the nation, according to the UN refugee agency. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to launch a full-scale military operation on Ukraine has been criticised globally, with several countries, including the UK responding with heavy sanctions.

To receive donations ahead of the journey, Ms Geernaert has launched a public appeal. She is calling for items – including huge bags of dog and cat food, jerry cans, leads, carriers, medical supplies, dog coats and blankets – to be gifted to The Dog Groomery in Paulton before Monday, March 7.

Moreover, from first aid kits to warm clothes for children, any human aid will also be kindly accepted. Both of them has already received hundreds of cash donations, counting more than £10,000.

She had cancelled a holiday to Rome, Italy, to free up time for the trip to Ukraine. She wrote in a post on Facebook: “As we know, the Ukrainian people and animals are desperate and in need of assistance. Families are fleeing to safety zones with their pets and very few belongings and supplies.”

“We can not even imagine how scary this is for these people and pets at present”, she added. “Many of us have wondered how we can support; now you can.”


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