Germany scrambles for energy sources with little faith in Russian Exports


Germany has brought over half of its gas supply from Russia for years. Having depended almost entirely on Russia to satisfy its energy requirements, Germany has found itself in a fix following Vladimir Putin’s decision to weaponise Russia’s gas export policy. The

A leading energy expert in Germany, Claudia Kemfert, claims to have seen this coming for years.


According to Kemfert, she had been warning the government as well as the public of Germany for years, urging them to reduce their dependency on the Russian gas supply and look for alternate sources. She had further advised them to look into other renewable sources of energy.

Moscow had blamed essential maintenance on the Nord Stream pipeline for the recent reduction and eventual shut-off of gas supply in the city, without success as the public seems not to believe them in the respect. Further, few of the country’s general public trusts Russia to deliver on the gas needs of the German population for the coming winter.

Following this, the government of Germany is racing to find alternate sources of energy to meet the country’s supply needs.

The country has planned several floating terminals to receive Liquified Natural Gas. Further, they are now trying to secure supplies from other countries, including Qatar.

Images of the German Economy minister and politician Robert Habeck going to the middle east, desperate for help, have not had a kind reception back home.

The government is now compelled to put thought into some of its ideals. There are fierce discussions on whether or not to halt the decommissioning of the country’s nuclear power stations.


Having sworn off coal completely, Germany has now turned to mothballed power stations. This turn of events is considered depressing even by the economy minister, Robert Habeck.

The government of Germany has urged its population to take measures to save energy and has even suggested taking shorter showers. The country is now on the second of the three emergency levels related to energy consumption. If the third level has to be triggered, the government would have to consider rationing

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