German guy got 90 covid shots to sell fake vaccination certificates


A 60-year-old man in Germany reportedly vaccinated himself against COVID-19 nearly 100 times as he devised a new way to earn some quick money.

According to reports, he will sell fake vaccination cards with original vaccine batch numbers to people who do not want to get vaccinated.


Sources said the man from Magdeburg in East Germany had received 90 shots against Covid-19 at vaccination centers across the state of Saxony over the past few months until recently, and the law caught up with him.

The police did not release the suspect’s name due to German privacy rules.

The man is now under investigation for unauthorized issuance of vaccination cards and document forgery.

According to the report, he was caught at a vaccination centre in Eilenburg where he turned up for a Covid shot for two consecutive days.

Several blank vaccination cards were confiscated from him, and the police have initiated criminal proceedings.

The report did not mention what kind of health impact so many shots of Covid vaccines, from different brands, could have on someone.


Germany has reported many cases of forgery of Covid-19 vaccination passports in recent months, and the police have been conducting raids in connection with this, the AP report said.

Vaccination passport is a much sought-after document because many restaurants, theatres, gyms, swimming pools, offices and other venues allow people only when they produce one.

Forged passports come to the aid of those people, mostly Covid deniers, who refuse to get vaccinated but want to have the passports that make access to public life easier.

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