France and WHO sign €50 million agreement to rebuild health system


The French government and World Health Organization (WHO) announced a new €50 million contribution agreement that will assist in developing the health system of the countries’ and remove barriers to the COVID-19 response and accelerate equitable access to testing, treatments and vaccines.

The announcement of the new agreement was made at a ministerial conference of foreign ministers and health ministers in Lyon.


France is looking forward to supporting and aiding the work of WHO and Health System and Response Connector (HSRC) and Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerate (ACT-A) aligned with WHO’s COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan (SPRP).

The Health System and Response Connector (HSRC) act to verify the supply of technical, operational, and financial facilities to use vaccines and other COVID-19 tools efficiently. 

 France’s contribution will enhance the supply of all the COVID-19 instruments, which will assist in developing each country’s health system, remove all the constraints, and identify the accurate responses and solutions for the betterment of the health system of the nations.  

The contribution will administer the HSRC to help countries in following factors:

  • help to organize well-prioritized vaccination campaigns
  • help to turn tests into effective test-and-treat approaches
  •  pursue community-based testing strategies to support public health measures and the platform for disease surveillance
  • turn therapeutics into life-saving clinical pathways

France focuses on the critical health priorities with WHO, adopting a cross-cutting approach and paying primary concern on the universal health coverage as part of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

In January 2020, France and the WHO signed a new Framework Agreement for 2020–2025, reaffirming France’s role as a leading actor in global health and its strengthening of the WHO’s Thirteenth General Programme of Work. With support, a five-year strategy aimed at ensuring healthy living and well-being for people of all ages.


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