Four policemen injured, one killed in a violent shootout in Texas


Police said the Texas State Sheriff’s sheriff was shot and killed by a man locked in the house during a confrontation on Thursday, and four other officers were injured. More than 10 hours after the incident, the suspect was detained at about 11.30 pm. The confrontation began. The Lubbock County Sheriff told reporters at the scene that the 22-year-old man finally surrendered after using robots and gasoline.

The violence began shortly after 1 pm when police from Levelland, west of Lubbock, were called home. Police Chief Albert Garcia (Albert Garcia) previously stated that after someone reported a neighbor’s behavior and walked around with a big gun. The police officer was detained and a police negotiator was called. Garcia said they contacted the police, but the person inside was “very hostile” and said he did not want to speak to the police.


“It was only a matter of minutes after that contact that the suspect opened the front door to the residence and began firing,” Garcia said.

Sergeant of the Sheriff of Lubbock County from the sheriff’s office said that the commander of the SWAT team Josh Bartlett was shot dead shortly after 2 pm. Authorities said four other law enforcement officers were injured. Garcia said that the most seriously injured was a Levelland policeman who was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery. He said that the police officer came out of the operation in a critical but stable condition. After Garcia was arrested, he said that the arrested person was the only person in the family and no one else was involved.

The police said that the investigation is still at an early stage and the motive has not been revealed. Garcia said the Texas Rangers will take over the investigation. He said that police from other agencies, as well as police from the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, and the FBI attended the meeting. The authorities stated that the man in the house was known. “Have we had prior contact with this person? Yes, we have,” Hawkley County Sheriff Ray Scifres said earlier Thursday, but declined to elaborate as the situation persisted.

Garcia said that the arrested man may have met the Texas Highway Patrol earlier in the day. He reported that he was driving a white Chevrolet pickup by himself at a traffic stop at around 11 am. drive. 

The driver seemed to be going to Levelland. The police searched the truck but did not find it. Garcia said that when the police arrived at the home, they saw the van reported in the driveway. Lubbock County Sheriff Kelly Rowe said Bartlett has worked in the Sheriff’s Department for nine years, has a wife and children, and is an Army veteran who has traveled abroad many times.

“Our hearts, my heart and I know the entire country is with his wife and kids this evening,” Rowe said


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