Europe: France abolishes Covid test requirement for fully vaccinated British visitors


Guillaume Bazard, the French consul-general in London, said on February 12 that the people from Britain who are fully vaccinated do not require to go through a pre-departure Covid test to visit France. 

He announced on Twitter that as of February 12, tests would no longer be required for visitors travelling from the UK to France who is fully vaccinated. He also stated that our website would be updated if we get more information, we publish.


According to sources, at London St Pancras, the rail terminal for Paris, France, say they are no longer checking for pre-departure COVID-19 tests.

However, on Friday, after the British requirement for a post-arrival test was lifted, the traveller would need 1 test for France. On Saturday, France announced that no test is required for people coming from the UK, those who are fully vaccinated. Thus, no tests are needed in either direction.

Around 10,000 individuals of the UK will find themselves with the test they have paid for useless, which are no longer required.

As of today, around 77.0% of the population of France is fully vaccinated against the Coronavirus, which accounts for 5.19Cr people, and around 13.9Cr doses have been administered, whereas in the UK, about 72.4% of the population is fully vaccinated, amounting to 4.87Cr and around 13.9Cr doses have been given.

Moreover, as per the reports, since now, France has registered a total of 21,503,654 coronavirus cases with 134,536 fatalities. Around 15,867,601 individuals have recovered from it.

There are around 5,501,517 active cases of Coronavirus in France. Moreover, on February 11, France has reported a total of 131,376 new cases and 329 further deaths.


Those who are not vaccinated still have to show a negative Covid-19 test. In addition, testing on arrival and isolation protocols will be lifted if an unvaccinated traveller is from a green list country.


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