EU Parliament sanctioned amendments to EU Brazil visa waiver agreement


The European Parliament confirms that it has sanctioned the technical amendments to the short-stay visa waiver agreement between European Union and Brazil.

As per the reports, Paulo Rangel, a Member of the European Parliament, recommended approving the technical amendments for the short-stay visa waiver agreement between the EU and Brazil.


It is learned that technical adjustments were made to incorporate a new definition of ‘short stay’ in these agreements – 90 days within 180 days – as provided for in the amendment of the Schengen Customs Code.

The European Parliament explains that the term referring to days rather than months makes it easier to check and calculate by computer and electronic means.

It is noted that this new term is also better suited for centralized border management systems such as entry/exit systems (EES), which are widely used in the EU/Schengen area.

Brazilians and Europeans should continue to travel simply and economically within a more precise and coherent legal framework. The relationship with Brazil is fundamental in the global geopolitical and geoeconomic balance.

Rangel added the history we share, the synergy between Europeans and Brazilians, and the geopolitical and geoeconomic influences are fundamental reasons for moving forward with the ratification of this agreement.

The Portuguese MEP presented the recommendations mentioned above and were approved during a plenary session.The agreement on a short-term visa waiver for holders of an ordinary passport had 585 votes in favour, three votes against, and no abstention.


On the other hand, the agreement for holders of diplomatic, service, and official passports has 587 votes in favour, three against, and abstentions.

The EU Council authorized the EU Commission back in 2014 in starting the negotiations with Brazil regarding the short-stay visa waiver agreements. The negotiations between the EU and Brazil were concluded in October 2017, and the agreements were signed in September 2021.

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