EU built New Revocation Feature in their EU Digital COVID Certificate


The European Union Member States has built up a new system in their EU Digital COVID Certificate, now EU will be able to know immediately when another Member States would attempt to cancel or revoke an EU Digital COVID Certificate.

On Monday, March 21, EU Commission issued a press release that indicated that it also adopted the exact EU mechanism that will enable the pertinent authorities of the EU Member Nations to nullify the pseudo and inaccurate EU Digital COVID Certificates.


In addition, the press release enlightened that once a certificate is nullified by one EU state, automatically, the invalid status would be visible to the other Member States.

As per the reports, the EU has taken the initiative to prevent those who deal in selling the fake COVID certificate, and numerous people attempted to use fake COVID certificates to travel from one place to another.

Moreover, some other member states have already started taking the mandatory steps to prohibit fake certificate providers and organizes revocation system at the national level. So, the newly conducted mechanism will facilitate them to securely and efficiently annul the pseudo certificates.

EU Commission highlighted that the restructuration of the mechanism would further strengthen the EU Digital COVID Certificate system.

On March 11, the EU Commission approved extending the certificate for another year until June 2023. Despite the new revocation feature, several other modifications have also been made, such as updating the history of all the doses in the EU Digital Vaccination Certificate, regardless of the country where they were performed.

Eventually, some public and private travel and tourism organizations have urged the Commission to do changes furthermore.


Nevertheless, some 70 public and private travel and tourism organizations have urged further changes to be made to restore freedom of movement within the bloc quickly.

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