Ernest Hilaire urges Saint Lucians to unite & shape their destiny


Ernest Hilaire recently attended the official press conference for Saint Lucia’s 44th Independence Day celebrations. The event happened yesterday. “Douvan Ansanm: One People.” “Shaping Our Destiny” was the theme. The theme demonstrates how crucial it is for everyone to unite to shape the nation’s future. From Monday, January 30, to Sunday, March 12, there will be various events for everyone to participate in during the celebrations.

Ernest Hilaire attended the press conference. He wants to help unite Saint Lucia’s people and build a strong, unified country. He emphasised the significance of the festivities and urged everyone to participate in shaping Saint Lucia’s future.


For the people of Saint Lucia, the 44th Independence Anniversary celebrations are a big deal. It gives the whole country a chance to get together and think about its long history, culture, and traditions. “One People” is the central idea. Shaping Our Destiny emphasises how crucial it is for everyone to work together to achieve shared objectives and create a better future for all.

During the celebrations, there will be a wide variety of things to do, including cultural performances, neighbourhood events, sporting competitions, and educational workshops. No matter what they enjoy or their age, there will be something for everyone. The goal of the celebrations is to bring Saint Lucians together and make them feel proud of their country as they honour the country’s independence.

Ernest Hilaire is a strong proponent of the value of community and the positive things it can accomplish for individuals and society. He believes that if Saint Lucia’s citizens band together, they can change their future and give the nation a promising future. During the 44th Independence Day celebrations, he wants everyone to inspire others to contribute to the nation’s development.

Saint Lucia’s 44th Independence Anniversary celebrations are a significant event for the nation overall. They give the people of Saint Lucia a chance to get together and celebrate their country’s history, customs, and independence. Everyone will remember and be inspired by the celebrations because there will be a wide range of activities for everyone to enjoy and an emphasis on unity and national pride. Ernest Hilaire is very interested in the unification of Saint Lucian society. He wants everyone to participate and influence the nation’s future.


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