Ernest Hilaire: Promising Step Towards St. Judes Reconstruction


Ernest Hilaire, Deputy Prime Minister, shared that at a recent sitting of Parliament, the government tabled a report from the St. Judes Hospital Reconstruction Project Review Committee. The information was about a project to rebuild St. Jude’s Hospital, which is located in the south of Saint Lucia. The government’s goal for this project is to improve health care for the people living in the southern part of the island.

Ernest Hilaire claims that construction on the current hospital building has already started. It is being cleaned and prepared for renovation work. The government intends to swiftly relocate residents of the south from the George Odlum Stadium to the brand-new St. Judes Hospital. Thus, the government’s goal is to complete the reconstruction project as soon as possible so patients can begin using the new hospital.


Ernest Hilaire also shared that the government is committed to delivering health care to the people of the south and Saint Lucia as a whole. This shows that the government cares about the health and well-being of the people living on the island. The hashtags #puttingyoufirst and #ernestcares used in his post also indicate that the government is putting the needs of the people first and that Ernest Hilaire personally cares about the project’s success.

The government’s reconstruction of St. Judes Hospital is crucial in providing better healthcare for residents of the southern part of the island. The south’s residents will find it more convenient to receive medical attention without travelling far.

For a healthy community, its healthcare system must be effective. The government’s dedication to enhancing healthcare in the south demonstrates that they are aware of this and are acting to address it.

Another wise move made by the government was to relocate residents of the south from the George Odlum Stadium to the brand-new St. Judes Hospital. Patients and their families will experience a vastly improved environment thanks to the new hospital. Any anxiety or inconvenience brought on by the temporary arrangement will also be helped by the government’s efforts to finish the reconstruction project quickly.

St. Judes Hospital is undergoing reconstruction, aiming to enhance the hospital’s physical appearance and the calibre of its medical services. A promising step towards a better healthcare system for everyone is the government’s commitment to providing healthcare to the south and the island residents. Additionally, this project shows that Ernest Hilaire cares about the project’s success and that the government prioritises the populace’s needs.

The restoration of St. Jude’s Hospital is a significant undertaking for the Saint Lucian government. The island as a whole and the residents of the south will benefit from better health care, which is a step in the right direction. The government’s dedication to completing the project on schedule and its emphasis on offering high-quality medical services are encouraging developments for Saint Lucia’s healthcare system.






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